SR-22 Insurance: Who really needs it

Do you need an SR-22, and don't know where to begin. This section of will help you get the answers you need about filing for an SR-22.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a document of financial responsibility. An SR-22 is a certificate of insurance issued by an insurance company to show proof of liability insurance to the DMV. An SR-22 is needed when one is caught by the police while driving without insurance. One is required to carry the SR-22 for three years. After three years, SR-22 status expires.

An SR-22 is necessary for the following situations:

  1. DUI / DWI violations
  2. If you have gotten into an accident while driving without auto insurance
  3. Repeat traffic offenses or exceeding the maximum points on your driver’s license
  4. License suspension or revoked license

How long do I need an SR-22 for?

SR-22 is usually needed for a period of three years. While one is in an SR-22 status, one must carry continuous insurance. When ones policy lapses or is canceled, one is required to notify immediately ones auto insurance company.

Other facts about SR-22:

  • It can be purchased whether you own a vehicle or not
  • It can be purchased as a liability only policy on an auto, or liability plus full coverage
  • It can also be applied to a motorcycle policy