Tips on Shopping for Auto Insurance

Getting cheap auto insurance doesn't come by accident. Knowing how to shop properly for car insurance is the key to getting the best rate. By following our tips on how to save money you will be better informed in getting the best deal.

There's a difference between getting cheap auto insurance and getting the correct most affordable car insurance. Choosing the right deductible and premium is just as important as getting the least expensive auto insurance rate. When getting an online insurance quote, many insurance terms will be thrown at you and can be quite confusing and not knowing what they mean can be frustrating -- Our extensive most commonly asked car insurance questions & answers can be viewed on our FAQs page along with a list of auto insurance terms and definitions to help you understand and make an educated decision.


I wasn't aware of some of the discounts that you mentioned on your site. I was able to save more on my car insurance because I am an engineer, I have multiple vehicles, and all my cars have anti-theft devices.

- Richard T. of Dallas, TX