Cell Phone Safety

Cellphones Create Hard Drives

cell phone driver No, not hard drives like in computers but literally hard driving. Cellphones nowadays are being used more often than they should be. Cellphones are created solely for convenience but now; it’s becoming more of a necessity. People use their cell phones almost on everything that they do; in the living room while watching their favorite drama, they still text while eating, they stop playing video games for a minute just to reply to a text message, if cell phones were water proof they might also be used while in the shower and lastly, they are used while driving. Statistics show that 3 percent of drivers are using their cellular phones at any given time of the day, 54 percent of drivers have a wireless phone on their vehicle and 73 percent of drivers are reported to be using it while driving; these are all according to The National Highway Traffic Administration. If cell phone users can’t resist using their phones while driving, they should know some safety tips and some studies regarding usage of such.

Some Safety Precautions

  • Know the features of your phone; most phones have speed dials and loud speaker features. Take time to read the manual of your phone and take advantage of the features which offers convenience while driving.
  • Position your phone where you can easily reach it so you won’t take your eyes off the road.
  • Take into consideration the weather while driving, it’s better to suspend your conversation when your driving under heavy rain.
  • Asses traffic first before dialing, its better to place calls when immobile or before pulling into traffic.
  • Use your cellphones as a tool for help or for emergency purposes

Banning Cell Phones While Driving

There are several reasons that others point out for the banning of usage of cell phones while driving. Among them are due to distractions it makes for drivers which causes accidents and that cell phones causes cancer. Studies conclude that conversing on cell phones while driving may be as bad as driving drunk. Last 2003, Harvard University researchers concluded that “an all-out ban on usage of cell phones while driving would prevent around 330,000 auto-accident injuries and 2,600 fatalities a year.

Cell Phone Driving Laws

18 states and the District of Columbia ban all cell use by novice drivers. In 17 states and the District of Columbia, when passengers are present, school bus drivers are prohibited from all cell phone use. 5 states (California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Washington), the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from talking on handheld cell phones while driving.