Prevent Car Theft

Throughout our life we invest on things, and one of the things we invest on is cars. Cars are usually expensive, and when a person finally earned his car from his hard work, it’s a sign that his life is moving forward. If you ask tons of people what they want or intend to buy when they are earning enough money, most of them would say “I would definitely buy a car”. Cars nowadays are not just for convenience, it’s a mark of a person’s social status. Celebrities or politicians for example don’t just drive around simple cars or trucks, some of them drive SUV’s, sports cars or luxury cars. So if you’re a regular person, working an average of 8 hours a day having a car is definitely your prized possession; having said that, it would really anger someone if someone would just steal his/her car.

Car theft is a worldwide case, it happens everywhere. Auto theft not only affects the drivers of the cars but also the rates of insurance of all vehicles. It is a must to know the ways on how you can prevent being victimized by these horrible acts, every person must equip himself with knowledge on how he/she can secure himself inside and outside his/her residency.

Tips on how to prevent car theft:

  • Place/park your vehicle inside your garage or on a secured gate
  • A car alarm should be installed
  • Never leave your car unsupervised when it’s still running
  • Even if you’re going to leave your car for a while, don’t leave your keys on the ignition
  • Don’t park in dark, bad lighted streets
  • Never leave things that are expensive inside the car or don’t place them somewhere which they can be seen
  • If you’re to use locks, don’t use combination locks or chains

Common tools which car thieves use:

  • Slide Hammer Puller
  • Multimeters (a test light to find the source of the battery)
  • Screwdrivers or Spare wires

Cars are usually stolen for the main reason of reselling. Cars which cannot be easily resold to the owner’s country therefore, it would be shipped off across a border where the car might be sold. Other reasons for stealing might be that of joyriding, self transportation or self-use and selling parts of the vehicle.

Even if car theft is one of the rampant cases of every country, due to technology they had been and will continue to lessen. The future looks good for security measures for cars, due to advances like finger print recognition and iris recognition it would be difficult for cars to be stolen. Soon, these advances will be made available to the mass market and everyone would enjoy having an auto-theft free environment.