Buying a Used Car?

When buying used cars, check first its condition and its overall status; inquire previous car damage before you buy the vehicle.

Buying second hand cars might be convenient because it’s less expensive than those bought off the market. However, there are key points you need to know about purchasing these secondhand cars to make sure your money is worth it.

Inquire about past damages done to the car

Ask the seller if the car had accident records or have experienced being in a flood, know further details of the damage and how was it repaired. Ask for its maintenance history to make sure it functioned normally after the accident.

Inspect the repaired areas if the vehicle has been in the body shop before.

Ask a professional to inspect the automobile

Take the car to a mechanic or body shop you trust. Have them inspect the vehicle inside and out for previous repairs and have them check the quality of any repair work they discover.

Ask about the warranty

Ask if there is a warranty on the car you are purchasing if you are buying from a dealer.

Check out its seller

Some unprincipled sellers might be selling a poorly repaired salvage automobile, which means it's been broken before and they've rebuilt it. If you're buying from a car dealer, check out the dealership with the Better Business Bureau. If the seller is an individual, look through the classifieds for other vehicle ads with the same phone number; a sign of an unlicensed broker who sells used vehicles by posing as the seller.

Some signs that a used car have been in an accident:

  • Search for clamp marks on the frame rail under the car. Clamp marks are similar to holes or gashes on the frame of the vehicle. Clamp marks often indicate the car has been on a frame machine, suggesting it may have been in a serious accident.
  • Check the bolts utilized to fasten fenders, doors and the trunk lid to see whether the paint is broken or bolts are turned, which could mean bolts were removed for body repairs.
  • When you do some test driving, listen to its engine and the noise it makes. A major accident can cause damage to any part of the engine. Ask questions about any unusual noise.
  • Check if the odometer changes miles as the car is driven